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What do you get with GSRV?

Managing a server is difficult. GSRV has the best tools to help you so that you can concentrate on what's important.

Automatic Backups

Never lose your data

You can enable automated backups with any frequency or schedule. Backups can be used to rollback your server at anytime if you break or delete something important. With our Enterprise plan, you get up to 3 backups.

Server Files

Backed up daily

Backup server

Restore any version

Server Files
Control Panel

Pterodactyl makes life easy

Our cutomised version of Pterodactyl allows you to easily manage your server, without restraining your access to advanced settings.


You can give access permissions to others so that they can collaborate.

User Friendly

We have designed the panel to let you make changes with just a few clicks.


When it comes to security, at GSRV we don't take any chances or risks.


Raw power

Our cutting edge hardware combined with excellent software optimisation allows you to run a server of any size smoothly. We are transparent; you can monitor the load on our machines live.

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